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Constancy focuses on the design and manufacture of high quality tyres to meet the needs of all high performance car, van, 4×4 and SUV drivers.  Customers can depend on Constancy for all life’s road trips, whether it’s driving in the city, adventuring off road or motorway driving.


Thanks to its continued investment, Constancy’s is able to offer a continually expanding range of products designed to meet the needs of today’s drivers – at an attractive and affordable price, whilst delivering outstanding performance.



A high performance tyre with a “shark fin” tread pattern for small to medium passenger car applications.  Lateral grooves help reduce noise and improve tyre rigidity



A high performance tyre covering up to 17” rim size. Horizontal grooves provide excellent water drainage  whilst the central rib helps to reduce heat generation



Constancy’s ultra high performance tyre has a strong central rib for improved driving stability whilst the big shoulder tread blocks improve performance at high speeds.  The tread design helps to reduce noise and enhances grip on wet surfaces.



A tyre for SUV applications, the LY7888 has a wide and deep tread shoulder tread design which enhances grip.  The spacing and angle of the block tread design helps to reduce noise whilst the four straight grooves improve water dispersal.



Constancy’s van tyre covering popular fitments is developed for durability.  The staggered tread pattern provides improved handling and braking in wet conditions